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Choosing The Right Truck Accident Lawyer

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When you’re a victim of a truck accident, it’s critical that you have a competent legal representative. You want an attorney with your best interests at heart, someone who will ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Taking the time to find a trustworthy  accident lawyer will make a huge difference in the outcome of your lawsuit.


The Lawyer’s Experience

When dealing with personal injury claims, you need to find an attorney from the law firm of Colley & Colley, LLP with a great deal of experience. Navigating the legal process can be tough as there are many aspects of a claim beyond the filing. The attorney you’re considering must be a skillful litigator with excellent negotiation skills as a larger percentage of injury claims are settled before getting to court.

If your case is going to trial, it’s important that your attorney is not only comfortable with the courtroom but also effective in laying out the case, to learn more about how to lay out a case in your favor visit Establish that the attorney you’re considering has a broad range of experience in personal injury claims resulting from truck accidents. An experienced attorney will also know when to negotiate and when to go to trial.



When vetting potential candidates, it’s critical that you choose an attorney with a good reputation, a reliable place to go to for such individuals is You want to work with someone who comes highly recommended from credible sources such as other lawyers and clients. Truck accidents claims can be very involving, so you are better off hiring someone who is tough but has no problems working with others. The lawyer is more likely to be dealing with insurance companies, so a good rapport with such institutions is an added benefit. If your attorney has a reputation for being a skillful negotiator and has no qualms with going to trial if need be, the insurance companies are more likely to take your case seriously. Consider hiring an attorney with an impeccable track record of success.

You also want to hire a lawyer who understands Houston trucking regulations. The person you choose should know how to gather and accurately interpret information from on-board black boxes and log books to represent a more compelling case in support of your right to claim damages. You want an attorney who is not shaken by having to go against multiple insurance agencies and state bodies such as those in charge of road maintenance.

Specialty in Truck Accidents

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Truck accidents are often more complex than car collisions, and you need the right person for job, such as a lawyer from for car accidents or here at for help with a case involving dog bites. The last thing you need is to end up with an attorney who has little to no experience in the details involved when dealing with a truck accident. When you’re involved in a truck accident, you need someone who intimately understands the regulations of the trucking industry and the various issues involved.

According to, truck accidents often involve numerous parties such as the trucking companies, parts manufacturers, truck maintenance companies, witnesses, federal regulations, cargo companies, passengers and many more. An attorney who has specialized in truck accidents knows how and where to look for evidence, understands the legal process and knows how best to present facts of your case to determine which parties are to be held liable. Therefore, when choosing a truck accident lawyer, it’s important to choose someone with the ability to identify all the responsible parties and investigate the accident.

Hire Sooner Rather Than Later

Attorney Chad Points distracted driving accident lawyer knows that you are more likely to have a stronger lawsuit if you hire an attorney sooner rather than later. An experienced truck accident lawyer will begin building your case as soon as they can. You need a lawyer who is going to start working on your case, possibly even before you receive medical attention, and take the most appropriate first steps, such as looking into a lawyer with experience with serious injury cases like the one found here at However, just because you want someone to start building your case as early as possible doesn’t mean you should hire any attorney unless you are sure that you’re making the right choice.


The Accident Attorney’s Dedication

Those who work over at can tell you that a truck accident claim can be complicated and requires time and diligence. An attorney who focuses on a variety of personal injury claims and takes on more clients than he/she can handle may be unable to provide the dedication your case deserves, which can be very costly in the long run. Find a Houston truck accident lawyer who is ready to dedicate the time and resources necessary to represent you effectively or visit for other options.

Personal Touch

Schedule an initial consultation with potential candidates you’ve shortlisted and assess their ability to be personally invested in the case, such as those committed folk over at are more than capable of doing just that. When you’re involved in a truck accident, there’s a lot on the line, and it can be very disappointing when you call your attorney and he/she doesn’t know who you are or the status of your case. Choose an attorney who is dedicated in helping you to get the best possible outcome in your claim and if you have a spinal cord injury then your best bet is to get in contact with someone from

Expert Help

According to, the strength of your case depends heavily on the expert testimony and evidence provided by your attorney. A reputable attorney will carry out thorough investigations and work with various experts to help them build a strong case. For example, experts such as medical and accident reconstruction specialists can provide valuable evidence and insight into an accident and potential effects of an injury, which can be used in coming up with reasonable estimates for compensation purposes.

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Never shy away from asking a potential candidate to provide testimonials. Most reliable attorneys will be more than happy to tell or show you what their previous clients have to say about them. With Internet access, you can also carry out some research on your own. Go through a potential candidate’s website and check out testimonials from clients before setting up a consultation, which can be done on websites such as this one


Frustration, pain, fear and anger, which are common after an accident, may impact your ability to see facts clearly, and those over at are quick to remind you to try and stay calm. Look for an attorney who is objective, as evidenced by cases they’ve worked on before. For example, it can be tempting to go for a quick payout, but an objective attorney may advise you that it’s in your best interests to wait for or seek better compensation, which is what is being done over at because they have your best interest at heart. Experienced truck accident lawyers are used to working with insurance companies or adjusters and will not feel pressured or confused by their tactics to settle for an unsatisfactory compensation.